Storage Products

Huawei’s OceanStor Dorado V3 all-flash storage is the ideal choice for enterprises’ mission-critical business. It is the industry’s first commercial use of NVMe all-flash storage, and it delivers high-performing, reliable, and efficient storage services.

Huawei's FlashLinkTM technology delivers 4 million IOPS, 0.5 ms consistent latency, improving storage performance 10-fold. The HyperMetro gateway-free active-active solution ensures 99.9999% availability, and 3:1 data reduction guarantee reduces TCO by 50%.

The Dorado satisfies the storage requirements of databases, Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) and Virtual Server Infrastructure (VSI), smoothing the way to the all-flash era.

Outstanding performance: Employs the flash-oriented Huawei FlashLinkTM technology to achieve 0.5 ms latency and a 10-fold storage performance increase. The system can scale out to 16 controllers to deliver 4 million IOPS in performance

Stable and reliable: Provides the HyperMetro gateway-free active-active solution to ensure 99.9999% availability, and RAID-TP technology to weather up to three simultaneous SSD failures

Converged and efficient: Inline de-duplication and compression support a 3:1 data reduction ratio*, resulting in 50% TCO savings. The ability to interwork with the OceanStor V3 series allows you to build cost-efficient disaster recovery solutions in your data centres