IT Infrastructure Management

Given the demands of today’s business world, anything less than 24/7 reliability is considered a failure.

Featuring robust security, industry-leading scalable hardware, and intuitive management tools, our solutions are designed to make managing your IT infrastructure as easy as breathing. That’s why for more than 25 years, network and IT administrators around the world have chosen Lantronix to access, monitor and manage their enterprise networks anytime, anywhere.

Lantronix IT Management solutions help people and organizations thrive by simplifying operations, optimizing staff and proactively addressing system failures to ensure infrastructure continuity.

Key Technologies

Sensors can be connected to the SLC 8000 using
Out-of-Band Management                                                            RJ45 (RS232)
Serial-over-IP                                                            USB
Power Management                                                            Ethernet
Integrated Security                                                            Lantronix wireless IoT device gateways, including the SGX 5150 (802.11 a/b/g/n/ac Wi-Fi) or the Lantronix PremierWave XC HSPA+ 3.5G (cellular).
Central Management  
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