"We are a forward thinking company with traditional values"

Who are we?

Who are Effectus Computing and what do we do? This is why you clicked on “About Us” right?  We believe in efficiency and performance and have designed a website with that in mind. Our aim is not to over-complicate our web site, but offer and deliver good honest value, quality IT Solutions.

Delivering quality IT Products at sensible prices from many of the trusted manufacturer’s in the Market Place, from the simple DIMM, to the more hardened Solution, from Servers to Workstations, GPU Systems to Storage Solutions and more. All varying and completely dependent on your needs. Each system is Built-to-Order and undergoes a rigorous 24 hour test before it leaves the production line.

If you can't find what you need, just get in contact. We have superb suppliers who understand our requirements and philosophy which has led to great purchasing power, and we want to pass these savings onto you.

Our team have been in the IT industry collectively for over 40 years. Within this time period we have amassed a vast knowledge and have many partnerships.

Putting this into one company seemed the next logical step. One we hope you will enjoy. We are here to support and help you where we can. The site is full of technical specs and information. But should you have that question? Then please do get in contact.

Thanks for visiting!

Matthew Prew
Effectus Computing Ltd

Our Partners

“Lantronix are please to announce that Effectus Computing Ltd is now an authorized reseller of the Lantronix Products within the ITM and IoT Gateway/External Products.”

Huawei:”Congratulations! Effectus Computing Ltd has been certified as a Huawei Authorized Partner

Effectus Computing Ltd are pleased to announce their Partnership with bluechip Computer AG. A large European IT manufacturer based in Germany.“Its the expertise and quality of systems that ship from bluechip on a daily basis and in large quantities which led Effectus Computing” signing on the dotted line - Says Matthew Prew, Owner of Effectus Computing Ltd. Their production, Distribution and Services are second to none and with Effectus Computing being very young, I felt it important to ensure my customers receive good quality IT equipment which they can rely on.

Effectus Computing Ltd are pleased to announce their Partnership with actidata Storage Systems GmbH actidata Storage Systems GmbH, based in Dortmund (Germany), is a young and innovative manufacturer with outstanding solution competence in data storage, backup, and archiving. actidata focuses on the SMB as well as corporate customer segment configuring tailor-made storage solutions matching customers requirements. A wide net of well trained business partners offering actidata solutions from a NAS system up to highly scalable archive solutions. actidata has a highly motivated and experienced team of professionals who are committed to the superior quality and reliability of the actidata products: The product range includes the disk-based storage systems for use as NAS- and nearline storage as well as backup solution while combining the benefits of disk and LTO tape to an outstanding B2D2T appliance. Rounding off the portfolio includes a combined unique NAS and backup systems offering the functionalities of NAS as well as backup within one single device! Straightforward service and competent support round off actidata’s dedicated range of products and solutions. All actidata products and solutions are distributed via a comprehensive network of qualified trade dealers and system houses. Additionally, selected system integrator’s trust in the actidata product range.

Established in 1999, HAPPYWARE Server Europe GmbH & HAPPYWARE Server (UK) Ltd are leading specialists in Europe when it comes to servers and their diverse applications. Our build to order and configuration services for servers, HPC clusters as well as SAN/NAS and object storage systems give our customers a complete portfolio for their compute and storage needs.Our support team with its extensive technical knowledge can offer support to our customers ensuring any questions are answered, and by supplying required information. To date, we have delivered well over 100,000 units to more than 8,000 satisfied customers from all over the world.

Effectus Computing Ltd are pleased to announce their Partnership with Park Place Technologies. “Providing Specialised Hardware Maintenance and Support” Since 1991, Park Place Technologies has provided support for storage, server, and networking hardware maintenance for IT data centres. Supporting more than 10,000 organisations in over 100 countries, Park Place Technologies offers an exceptional customer experience, superior service delivery, and an operational advantage for businesses ranging from government, higher education, and healthcare institutions to cloud service providers, SMB and Fortune 500 companies.


WEEE & Recycling

On a European level based on the WEEE guidelines (2002/96/EG guideline from the European Parliament and the board from January 27, 2003 electrical and electronic equipment law), the manufacturer is required by law to provide a free-of-charge return for customer’s old equipment.

Following the introduction into European law, effetus Computing is obliged to register the company and to mark all new equipment with a symbol (slashed rubbish bin).
The manufacturers have registered by the „Old Electrical Equipment Register (EAR)“ and recorded their sales volume. Depending on their market share in the relevant product category, the manufacturers receive from EAR a collection obligation notice from the local collection points.

Effectus Computing is registered under the WEEE reg. no. WEE/MM3680AA.

As of March 24, 2006, all old electrical and electronic equipment that was sold after August 13, 2005 can be returned free of charge by commercial customers to the manufacturers or to suppliers appointed by the manufacturers.

In the event that the customer requests Effectus to collect and transport units, the costs for collection and transport are calculated based on current market prices and invoiced to our business customers. Effectus accepts the costs for recycling and disposal and provides these services at the minimum cost for our business customers.

As of March 26, 2006, a separate regulation (which deviates from the standard policy) can be negotiated with commercial customers.

Old Effectus equipment that complies with the conditions set out above and is labelled with the slashed rubbish bin should contact us to be informed of the address to send it to.

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